Summer Samuel Craft Camp -S4

Sewing Sock Cats

Do you want to make a Sock Animimal? What type of animal would you make? What color socks would you choose? What about the eyes or whiskers? My campers answered these same questions while learning basic sewing skills and making their very own sock cats.

Camper age 6 - Cat in the Hat

For most of my campers, this was their first sewing experience, but everyone was enthusiastic and ready to begin. This project taught the campers how to thread a needle, how to make a running stitch and sew a button. Total time to make this project, 60 minutes. The majority of the time was spent in picking the right embellishments for their cats.

Age 5, cat with a tail


To make a sock cat, you need one sock, stuffing, buttons for the eyes, ribbon to separate the head, bakers thread for the whiskers, yarn, flowers and feathers for embellishing. Cut the sock at the ankle, stuff with polyfill and stitch close. This stitching(that closes the sock) will form the ears. To make the head, tie a ribbon or tubing around the upper portion of the sock. Sew buttons eyes and wiskers. Embellish as needed.

I throughly enjoyed teaching this activity, and witnessing my campers creations. Enjoy!!!



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