I’ll Be Brief–I need an Intern


Yesterday, my sister and I were talking about interns, and I realized that I definitely need one. The intern will get to do lots of work, lesson my work load and  hopefully alleviate my stress. I will have the hard responsibility of having fun and crafting.

Intern Needed

Job Info – Intern will do all the work I that I need done and they will hear a lot of  “thank you”, “that’s not quite right”, “please do it again, but this way”, “don’t throw that out, it can still be saved”. My intern will be responsible of photographing, editing and uploading my items into the corresponding social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, WordPress Blog and my Etsy Store..

Skills Needed– Intern must know how to use a computer and a tablet. Typing is a necessity, meaning the intern must know how to touch type or use QWERTY, and not two fingers as if texting on a phone. Funny, I never thought this was important .

Unfortunately, this is a work of Fiction

Files Used

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