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Lunch Money

Lunch Money

My current hottest seller are my Upcycled Change Purses. These wallets are made from candy, potato chip and/or cookie wrappers, repurposed vinyl and reclaimed fabric.

The change purses have a zipper closure. The zipper keeps your money safe and your wallet closed.

So where do you keep your lunch money at? Why not buy one of my change purses. You can use it for lunch money, bus fare, gift card holder, pocket money, actually the ideas are endless. Shop today, Chew On This Or That.



Low Calorie Chocolate Cupcakes

Polymer Clay Chocolate Cupcakes with a Cherry On Top

Polymer clay was my first medium I enjoyed creating and sculpting with. There are no limits with this medium, if you can think of it you can create it.

This is a set of chocolate cupcake earrings. They are $10 or $15 with the silver findings upgrade.