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Tops Garbage Pail Kids Upcycled Change Purse, Coin Pouch, Zippered Wallet, Vinyl Case

Do you remember Garbage Pail Kid Cards? This is telling my age, but in 1985, I was 6 years old and a huge fan. My sister and I were eager to collect additional cards. For 25 cents, you received outrageous sticker cards and a stick of gum. Recently, I came across two 2014 Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids Card wrappers and had to upcycle it into a Garbage Pail Kids Card Change Purse.  This change purse is perfect for bringing nostalgic memories of the 80’s to your everyday life. Use this change purse for change, money, credit cards or bus cards. Want more details? Visit Chew On This Or That Etsy Store or drop a comment below
My favorite cards from my childhood were Messy Tessie and Hairy Carrie. Messy Tessie featured a girl with boogies dripping down her nose. It’s similar to that embarrassing sneeze that came out more than expected. Hairy Carrie, feature a hairy cave woman dragging a man by the hair and dragging him back to her cave. Oh the control and dominance. She’s taking control and grabbing what she wants.
What was your favorite Garbage Pail Kids Card? 

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Oreo Cookies Anyone?

New to my Chew On This Or That Etsy Store, Upcycled Oreo Cookie Mini Notebooks. Currently, I have one of each, Oreo, Mega Stuff Oreo, and Golden Oreo. I expect these to sell out of quickly, so make your etsy purchase today.


The Oreo Notebooks are made from the original cookie wrapper and packaging. My notebooks are not photocopied or printed. Each notebook are made using the original Oreo packaging and fashioned into upcyled and repurposed works of art.


Each Oreo Cookie Upcycled Notebooks has 50 sheets and 100 lined pages. It measures 3.5 inches by 5.25 inches.


Not a fan of Oreos or are you interested in a different type of notebook? Then I might  have what you are looking for. Visit my etsy store journal section and browse my selection of over 30 notebooks. If it isn’t there, then purchase my Make It Your Way and together we can build a custom order for you.