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Summer Colors

Oil patel drawing from art journal

The Summer was great, probably my best one in years. It was bright and filled with vivid colors. This was my first summer that did not require summer classes so on the good days, we had a lot of fun. I have always like the summer. The summer heat feels great on my body and I don’t feel sick. I feel like I can conquer the world.

My daughter and I had a lot of bonding time this summer, and it was actually not too bad. This gave us time to better understand each other, our moods and tempers. Most of all this summer gave us time to just talk to each and understand how to communicate with each other. Of course there were the disagreements, her not washing the dishes, leaving her clothes on the bed, you know the normal stuff. I’m sure if you asked her a similar question, I am sure she would have an equal list of complaints. A great example of our disagreements, occurred one summer morning when we missed the bus to take my daughter to her summer theater arts camp at the college. I told my 11 y/o to go to the bus stop and I would meet her there. Five minutes later, I see the bus pass, she was crying and I was yelling. When I thought about it, my daughter did follow my directions. I did not give her directions of what if the bus came or what to tell the bus driver. I get angry with her for what I think she should of done, for her acting childish and a host of other things. I forget that she is only 11 y/o and not me when I was younger (something I will talk about in another blog).

I think I need to relocate to a warmer climate, so I can be invincible all year long.