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Stay Positive

Stay Positive

Today’s thought and goal for the week, “Stay Positive” and do not give up. Life is a testament. It comes with happiness and sorrow, the good with the bad. In life, it is so easy to let negativity in, to doubt and to give up. I want to remind everyone not to give up, stay positive and continue to fight.

I hope these words will inspire you as it has inspires me. Have a great week.

Files Used
Lettering Delights Beautiful Moments - Expressions Graphics Set

Happy Monday

have a great day.jpg

Happy Monday and President’s Day!!! The kids are home today and its too cold outside to go out, so its time for crafting.

Files Used
Lettering Delights Dear Diary Paper Pack
Lettering Delights Squawk Box Squawks Graphics Set

Back to School

School Days Are Here Again

Its back to school season. Stop by Chew On This Or That for all of your Back to School needs. I have your favorite potato chips, cookies and candies as upcycled notebooks, composition notebooks, notepads, drawing pads, pencil cases, bus passes, change purses, wallets and much more. If I do not have  what you are looking for, contact me and I will try my best to make it.

Files Used:

Lettering Delight – Old School Paper Pack

Lettering Delight – Old School Graphics

Lettering Delights Freebie


I am a huge Lettering Delights fan. I love their graphics, svgs, clipart, backgrounds, lettering, fonts and pintables. LD makes designing on my Silhouette Cameo (electronic cutter) approachable and fun. Plus they love giving out freebies. Yes, freebies!!!


To entice and you to LD’s site, they will give you their complete It’s a Banner Set, valued at $40, for free. This set includes, lettering, graphics, frames, a mini album, clipart, paper pack, candy wrapper, card template and svg (scalable vector graphics). So, you ask “How do I get this awesome value for free?” Simple, you create an account. In addition, if you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive 9 additional fonts.

To sweeten this deal, Lettering Delights offer monthly and weekly freebies. Make sure to checkout their LD’s site and create an account.

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I’ll Be Brief–I need an Intern


Yesterday, my sister and I were talking about interns, and I realized that I definitely need one. The intern will get to do lots of work, lesson my work load and  hopefully alleviate my stress. I will have the hard responsibility of having fun and crafting.

Intern Needed

Job Info – Intern will do all the work I that I need done and they will hear a lot of  “thank you”, “that’s not quite right”, “please do it again, but this way”, “don’t throw that out, it can still be saved”. My intern will be responsible of photographing, editing and uploading my items into the corresponding social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, WordPress Blog and my Etsy Store..

Skills Needed– Intern must know how to use a computer and a tablet. Typing is a necessity, meaning the intern must know how to touch type or use QWERTY, and not two fingers as if texting on a phone. Funny, I never thought this was important .

Unfortunately, this is a work of Fiction

Files Used

Happy Fall

Fall Dolls

Files Used
Lettering Delights – Fall Dolls Graphic Set

New Year Reolution

What's Your New Year Resolution?

Happy 2014 everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's Eve and 2014 is staring off on a great start, wow 2014. My New Year Resolution is to “remember to post”and update my blog, etsy account and Facebook. I enjoy crafting and allowing my creativity to flow but sometimes I forget to take pictures of the “steps” and most of all the final project. This year I will remember to make use of my awesome camera and share my creations.